The name and concept for Maha Movement was inspired by the sanskrit word “maha”.

The most common translation for “maha” is “great”, but it can also be a descriptor for someone or something that embodies or is an expression of integrity, beauty, power or might.

We believe that incorporating “maha” or “great” movement as a standard practice in the workplace and beyond creates happier, healthier, more innovative individuals while enhancing productivity and improving quality of life.


Maha Movement provides practical and accessible yoga, movement and self-care classes, workshops and individualized instruction for businesses, corporations, groups and special events. Classes and programming address the repetitive movements, habitual posture, long hours and stressors at the workplace that ultimately impacts employee health and well-being and affects productivity through increased risk for worker’s compensation claims, disability leaves, sick days, job dissatisfaction and employee turnover.

Our approach to physical movement and wellness is anchored by the mind/body connection principles of yoga combined with contemporary methods, awareness of proper body mechanics, corrective exercise and self-care strategies.  Instruction is provided in an engaging, practical, fun, and down-to-earth way to offer a wide variety of practices that are safe, accessible and relevant to the work environment and daily life.  Our customized programming is designed to help you embody what Maha Movement stands for:  Great movement.


Elissa Dawn Strutton, RYT 500

Elissa Strutton is the founder and owner of Maha Movement, a provider of movement-based physical health and wellness services for corporations, small businesses, groups, individuals and events.

With more than 1000 hours of formal training in anatomy, corrective exercise, therapeutic movement, yoga, meditation and breath work, Elissa has accumulated over 5000 hours of teaching time over the past 10 years with beginning and advanced students as well as teachers seeking to continue their education.

Her background and experience enables her to effectively educate a diverse workforce or group, including both young and old, physically fit and physically challenged, active and sedentary. With her expertise grounded in functional anatomy and biomechanics, Elissa tailors her classes and programming to address the postural challenges, repetitive movements and stressors that the business environment presents.

Prior to entering the fitness, yoga and wellness industry, Elissa spent a number of years working in a variety of capacities in corporate and production environments. From that experience, Elissa gained personal understanding of how the physical rigors and stresses of repetitive movements and posturing can impact health and well-being. These experiences have served to provide great insight to the process of creating effective programming to focus on proper body mechanics, ergonomic positioning, self-care strategies and safe movement practices.

Elissa has always been intrigued by the integration of shapes, lines and movement to create balance, integrity and awareness.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and photography, she views the body through an artist’s lens, yet sees beyond the surface with a deep interest and understanding of the inner workings of body mechanics and function.  Drawing from her studies in art and informed by her extensive training in yoga, movement, anatomy and biomechanics, Elissa teaches the art of great movement at work and in life.

Our Team

Maha Movement’s team of instructors feature the best and most experienced yoga and movement professionals in the area.

All of our teachers are certified through highly respected, recognized organizations with a minimum of 500 hours of yoga, movement and anatomy training. Additionally, teachers are insured and hold certifications in Emergency First Aid and CPR.


Ron Collier

Elissa is a wonderful teacher, with whom I’ve had the fortunate pleasure to practice yoga... (read more)
Elissa is a wonderful teacher, with whom I’ve had the fortunate pleasure to practice yoga as best as I can, Fridays at my office building. I am constantly amazed at the person I am when I begin a session and the almost unrecognizable person I become at the end. My job often demands a great deal from me and my co-workers, and it wreaks havoc on all of the things that Elissa seems to focus on in our weekly practice.

Marilyn Hajebi

Dear Elissa, You have my never ending gratitude for introducing me to a self help program that changed my life... (read more)
Dear Elissa, You have my never ending gratitude for introducing me to a self help program that changed my life. When I began your class Yoga tune up ball therapy, I was challenged with a variety of mus-cular issues. Now, I have my active life back! I use my ball techniques daily to ensure continued success. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to be the best that I can be!

Betty Tam

I look forward to my Friday yoga classes at the office with Elissa... (read more)
I look forward to my Friday yoga classes at the office with Elissa. It’s a great way to relieve stress and to end the week. I especially love using the therapy yoga balls to release the tension and knots in my back, neck, shoulders, arms, and feet. I purchased two sets, one for office use and one for home use!

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“ The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. ”
-Anthony Robbins

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